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WA Drill Hire is committed to providing a safe work place and does not tolerate the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

In order to fulfil this commitment WA Drill Hire will:


  • Ensure employees are informed of the risks associated with alcohol consumption and drug use and how to control the risks.
  • Consult with personnel to ensure that they understand WA Drill Hire policies on drugs and alcohol and the consequences of not adhering to the policies.
  • Ensure systems of work are structured and managed to minimise the effects and impairment of alcohol and drugs.
  • Provide systems through which an employee can inform their supervisor that they or someone else many be in an adverse state due to alcohol consumption or drug use.
  • Through consultation, ensure that employees or contractors understand the definition of 'adversely affected by drugs and alcohol'.


Employees, including independent contractors and their employees must cooperate with the measures in place to control hazards pertaining to alcohol consumption and drug use.

This means an employee must:


  • Inform their supervisor if they suspect they are in an impaired condition due to alcohol consumption or drug use.
  • Inform their supervisor if they suspect or observe another employee is in an impaired condition due to alcohol consumption or drug use.
  • Not come to work or remain at work if adversely affected by alcohol or drugs.
  • Not take alcohol into work or on to a worksite.
  • Inform their supervisor of any prescribed or over the counter drugs taken that may impact their work.
  • Understand through consultation with the employer what is meant by 'adversely affected by alcohol and drugs'.
  • Arrange activities outside working hours so they are not in an adverse state from alcohol or drugs when arriving to work.





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